The best diet to lose weight, to be healthy and transform your body naturally.

The best diet to lose weight, to be healthy and transform your body naturally.
18 Jul

What I know from experience we all have tried some kind of diet for weight loss during our journey towards healthy lifestyle- to lose weight, to gain some muscles or just to have more energy through the day. Did it really work? Of course it depends on each individual, but one thing I know most of the people come back to old eating habits because most of the unhealthy food is addictive. One question I would like to ask, and I have already done this to myself many times- do we really have to follow some kind of diet to be that healthy person? As everybody knows, there are lots of diets and every year are coming new ones, but, are we willing to be on a constant diet for our entire life? I am not, are you?

Let’s think about our ancestors or even people who lived 200-300 years ago (from evolutionary perspective 200- 300 years is nothing if we want to compare to whole evolution process of human species). Did these people know about what is calorie, carbohydrate, protein or fat molecule? What is the macronutrient composition of simple food, for example piece of apple, or piece of fresh meat? Did they ever realize that excess of sugar is bad for them? Did they have metabolic syndrome caused by bad eating habits? I am really sure they did not have a clue about these things and they were healthier than we are now, did not have eating disorders and all the diseases we have nowadays, did not think about if this food is bad or good for them, if they can mix up sugar with fat or the other way round. Was there any special knowledge about nutrition they knew that time we do not know today? I do not think so. They just eat real and simple food, they did not complicate their diets, did not eat advertised on TV highly processed “food – mimicking products” packed in colorful and plastic wraps with claims, for example: it’s good for your bones, skin, shape etc. What is the most important fact they grew their own food and prepared it on their own, without adding all toxic chemicals which nowadays are added during food production process to extend shelf life of all food products. These people did not have to know about calories and count them. There was no stress connected with it as well. They eat whenever their bodies told them to eat, not because is breakfast, lunch or dinner time. That was mostly plant food diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Meat they ate was from animals raised ecologically without antibiotics and hormones.

In a nutshell, if we want to be healthy or achieve our desired bodies we should really be careful what we eat and what is the quality of food we consume on daily basis. It’s good to have knowledge about nutrition and what kind of food to eat and avoid, this is of course advantage for us, but what I would recommend the most is to stick to real and simple food which our ancestors or grandparents ate. And let’s remember one important thing: all these diets and new trends are there to help us, not to dominate our lifestyle and give us additional stress which we have enough already. The best diet is the simplest diet.

Healthy Regards,

Body Transformation Coach

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