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​You’re probably here because you are aware of the real costs in staying, settling and becoming OK with where you’re at — with your energy, physical capacity, mental focus, sense of fulfilment, the confidence in your body and the vitality you have available all day long to serve you way beyond your work day.

Let’s be honest, you don’t need a trainer, nutritionist, diet and workout plans etc. You need a highly impactful long-term solution to implement a daily routine that works for you effectively and efficiently.

The best part is when you gain that clarity and insight over the first few months or so whilst enjoying the ride. Yet you attain the results as a side effect to how you now live and understand why what you're doing is working and what to not bother wasting your time with any more.

The most efficient route to this experience is to hire someone who has a proof doing this (see below a few testimonials) to help you really understand simply the:

  • ​WHY
  • ​HOW TO
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So, implementation is consistent for many years to come. Those who successfully achieve long-term success have all the pieces of the puzzle in sync.

If you are looking to work on regaining control of your health and shape while melting belly fat, building good habits and implementing them consistently, applying right strategies, balancing your busy lifestyle and getting long lasting results check out what’s below.

Just a few testimonials of my clients who have all done this effortlessly, without any complicated workout plans or a restrictive diet, no counting calories, weighing food and the gym membership.

The secret to their SUCCESS? They all believed in the process and that is possible, so you can, can't you?!

Who is my program specifically for?

High-perforMANce ​for Entrepreneurs is specifically designed for today’s modern busy professionals who are fed up of:

  • ​Not having the vitality for life long after the ‘business day’ is done
  • ​Lacking energy, especially that afternoon energy SLUMP!
  • ​Dragging that excess body fat with them 24/7… taking its toll on all areas of their life.
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    ​Relying on ‘quick energy fixes’, relying on caffeine & that crappy sugary convenient food
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    ​Searching for ‘pleasure fixes from food’ when STRESS hits, killing their all day long focus and energy
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    ​How they look in the mirror and wearing bigger clothes
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    ​Current health that is holding back their business
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    ​Trying everything out there: diets, the top PT’s in town, counting calories and weighing food, every juice, shake, fast, and group- and they are so frustrated because it never works.

This is for you if:

  • ​You have a MASSIVE reason why you want to change your life for better.
  • ​You are committed, open to learning and want to make some serious changes to your health, business and life.
  • ​You want to achieve a physique that will give you a confidence in any social setting.
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    ​You want to enjoy tasty food without counting calories and weighing food.
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    ​You want to lose weight even if you don’t have time for gym.
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    ​You want to increase energy levels what will add up more hours to your productivity every day.
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    ​You want to clear mental head space as currently feeling run-down.
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    ​You feel this is the right moment to invest your hard-earned money into YOU and avoid health scare in near future.

What results can you expect?

If you have all the right strategies in place losing 15 – 25lbs in 12 weeks manageably without giving up a social life, missing glass of champagne or meals out is just a positive side effect. Making 1 or 2 lifestyle changes a week so by the end of 12 weeks you have a healthy lifestyle balanced with having fun so you can maintain the result you get for the rest of your life. Just imagine all the benefits when you achieve it:

  • ​Those adorable glances from your loved ones at your new fit, confident, desirable you
  • ​That all day long energy and vitality available on demand in business (especially that ‘afternoon slump’) and available for fun with the kids, experiences with spouse and passionate bedroom performance
  • ​The certainty and confidence in you, that demands attention – people notice and feel much more at ‘ease’ having someone in business who has control and exudes confidence – confidence $ell$ and you will access bags of it
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    ​The belly fat, the stressed look on your face, the older, worn out version of you, the person surviving on crappy, quick fix convenience food trying to chase energy…gone. now you are the person your spouse met all those years ago, the person your kids looked forward to coming back from school to chase them, play, throw them in the pool, go for walks and adventures at the weekends… it’s back.

Just realize, you are like a race horse. The premier producing asset in your business and life, responsible for all results in your world. You are more valuable than any business investment, than any designer watch you have on your wrist right now, than any mastermind or next 5 figure vacation.

Key points of my coaching program

This is not training, this is coaching program to build a healthy lifestyle while balancing, having some alcohol and meals out. This is about building strong mindset and changing small habits which make the significant difference in your lifestyle.

The program is broken down into simple steps with weekly coaching call with me to support and guide you through your plan.

  • PHASE I (WEEK 1-4): Prep & Accelerate – here we mainly focus on “Food & Activity”: how to combine foods you eat, hydration, meal examples, shopping guide, meals out rules, cheat day, activities you like the most doing etc.
  • PHASE II (WEEK 5-8): Fine Tune & Optimize – here we focus on “Sleep & Stress”: sleep hygiene, technology detox, relaxing baths, simple meditation and visualization techniques, quick stretching routine etc.
  • PHASE III (WEEK 9-12): Reinforce & Amplify – here we focus on “Energy & Productivity”: energy enhancing brakes, boosting focus mind hacks, time saving tactics etc.

Delivery method:

  • ​Weekly coaching calls (20-40 min)
  • ​Facebook or Linked In group – 121 (it means in this group is only me and YOU, no one else)
  • ​Weekly content with simple and basic knowledge – you don’t need a coach to give you more information, it is all about taking action and how to implement it consistently
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    ​Weekly checklist for building good habits, maintaining consistency and keeping you accountable (example below)
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    ​You don’t count calories and weigh food. You eat tasty, satiating meals (2-3 a day) and we make sure you are not feeling hungry. If you cook at home I teach you how to combine foods, if you eat on the go or outsource your food prep I teach you what to choose the best
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    ​Nothing drastic, no juicing, pills or starvation diets
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    ​Measurements and progress photos at the beginning, after 6 and 12 weeks of the program (example of measurement chart below)
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    ​Weekly weight checks
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    ​Lifestyle Analysis Diary to fill in at least once

Time investment

I know how busy you are working 50-60h weekly so there is no information overload and everything is set-up to deliver you a result in the quickest and easiest way possible:

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    ​At the beginning I always recommend 12-week program to start your journey with – if you have planned already any holiday in the next 2-3 months, during that time I coach you for FREE , for example: if you are going on holiday for 2 weeks you get additional 2 weeks for FREE
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    ​20-40 min weekly for coaching call
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    ​2-3 (20-30min) activities weekly – cycling, jogging or even walking with your family after dinner on weekend, it could be even getting off 2 stops earlier before or after work, taking stairs rather than lift etc. You do what you like, I am not forcing anyone to do high intensity exercises (don’t even recommend at the initial stage if you are overweight) or going to the gym 3-5 times a week.

Why coaching?

Working as a Personal Trainer for years I failed to get lasting results for many of my clients. Now we get right to the source of what is causing you to look in the mirror with shame.

Coaching offer a much deeper level of support than the surface level stuff of exercise and diet.

It gets to the route of the problem and fixes it once and for all.

Coaching helps you to build new habits and a strong mindset to empower you to take control of your health and fitness rather than relying on someone else.

Often the ONLY thing holding you back is NOT what workouts you’re doing or what diet you are on.

Actually, it’s your own limiting beliefs that you can actually do this.

You have to start training the mind before the muscles.

In an age of information you don’t need a coach to give you more information.

You can learn about any topic you want.

If it was that easy everyone would go on google and there wouldn’t be a obesity problem in the UK and America.

Coaching is all about taking action and how to implement it consistently.

You already know you need to be active and eat right foods, don’t you?

Now let’s implement it and create healthy habits with strong mindset to overcome roadblocks!

The health & fitness industry and gyms worldwide are full of people trying to reach their fitness goals in every year, especially at the beginning.

The sad reality is over 80% won’t achieve anywhere near the outcome they desire because old beliefs and habits will always kick in unless they are addressed properly.

Habits are like a computer program for your brain unless you reprogram your brain and work on your habits you will always revert to default.

​Are you ready to take action?

As my program is specially designed for action takers and people who are really serious about their health & ​body image I am giving away 3 programs for half price every month. I am so sure about the result I deliver and if yo​​​​u follow my all advices, you do whatever I ask you for and you don’t get agreed result, I give you money back.

Keep in mind that I am not dealing with people who are impatient, looking for quick fixes or are in a seasonal rush! My offer is for responsible and successful professionals who want to solve long game and get fit for life, mentally and physically.

Coaching in this area is an investment expense that returns the biggest ROI that’s possible. There’s no better investment than you banking on yourself and amplifying all you are currently doing in all areas by optimizing the very ‘machine’ running it all – you.

You’re here now to access that version of you, that seems to continue to just be a vision. Time to unleash that person, your future self, and your spouse is counting on you hitting the button below.

Don’t be ‘that person’ who is always talking about it, always ‘trying the next thing’ and year after year has little to show for it.

I love being around those who STEP UP and SHOW UP to the highest levels. They are a rare breed of people, who value results and the experiences that come from achieving success enough, that they pay money, to access them, FASTER! I just love being around the minds and attitudes of winners. YOU?

P.S. Even if you are not a right fit I will give you FREE advice how to lose your first 6-9lbs without the gym and going on a starvation diet.

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