Do you exercise and think you can “eat whatever you want?” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Even on a basic calorie level, the amount of calories you’ll take in by eating a fast-food burger, fries, soda, bread or even whole grains is probably far more than you’ll burn during even a high-intensity workout. That’s why, when it comes to getting rid of stubborn belly fat and transforming your body, exercise could help you out but is not enough, if alone. The master key really lies what quality food you eat, and even more important is when you actually consume all your meals, followed closely by the type of training routine you do. Have you ever heard that we work on our abs mainly in the kitchen, not only in the gym? As you can imagine, and propably you went already through this process, losing weight and keeping it forever is not that simple as we say. What we eat, what quality food is it, where does it come from and the time we eat it all has really big factor how we look like. As soon as you give to your body proper nutrients which fuel your metabolism, then it gives you back nice look and your energy through the day is on the high level. The food we eat and time we provide it, also dictates how our hormones are balanced inside us, and when we gain unnecessary weight it means something is not working how it should. It is very important to understand, that exercise is clearly a big part of the formula for success, the foods you choose to eat are far more important for controlling your weight than your exercise.

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