Hello everyone! At the beginning I would like to ask you question and then I will continue how I see my establishment.



– CAR,1









I do not want to judge you if you choose different answers than I do, your choice. But remember if we are not healthy- I do not wish anyone, everything becomes less important than our HEALTH. Because without it we are not able to be happy, our family is concerned about us, we cannot drive our fantastic car, sometimes we have to go on restricted diet and we cannot eat what we really love to, we cannot afford to go for a drink with our best friends- it does not have to be a drink, just for a walk, we cannot even spend our money which we earned working very hard sacrificing all the rest things around to buy OUR HEALTH. It seems like HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT to be able doing all these things and live long.

First let me start why do we get fat?

I am starting with this topic because nowadays there is more and more overweight people and they all blame fat. So, one of the reason is- we avoid fat, and result is simple: we do not eat fat and our body doesn’t burn it, isn’t it simple. But most of the people buy low fat yogurts, skimmed milk and everything what is “light”- this kind of food is highly processed. They prefer eating starchy carbs (muesli, cereals, bread etc.) in the morning what release insulin and turns our bodies to store fat- you would say that if we don’t eat fat how body can store it- the answer is body converts excess carbs and proteins to fat! Mind that no one invented yet anything what could be better designed than our body, just nature is able to create that kind of super machine like is our body. That’s why is important to eat natural food and least processed. By the way let’s come back to the topic. Ok, we need carbs but not in this form at that time. I used to be one of the biggest fan of the breakfast and muesli in the morning (when I was even late I didn’t leave house without breakfast) and I didn’t have “6 pack”- actually I had but it was under layer of fat (my weight was right but still my ABS wasn’t visible). I stopped eating breakfast or I put it on time 3-4 hours later I wake up and my body started producing enzymes to help burn fat. I even exercise without breakfast and I feel full of energy and can lift heavy weights. It’s because my body uses fat to give me energy for all these heavy exercises, I would like to mention that 1 gram of fat contains 9kcal, carbs and proteins only 4kcal- it means fat is like rocket fuel. That’s why our bodies store energy in this form. Trust me at the beginning wasn’t simple to switch my diet but I can assure you is possible, I went through all this and I know how it works and I could help you to do that as well. Ok, let’s say all of this wasn’t only to uncover my “6 pack”, it was for my general health and I have to say that was one of the best thing I have ever done for my health. I have been doing exercises for almost 14 years, well, I don’t weigh 80kg or 90kg and I don’t look like bodybuilder, but the most important thing is I feel like I am getting younger and stronger every year and people do not believe me how old I am. Apart of weight lifting I do sports like snowboard, cycling and swimming. I love cooking and preparing own healthy food. I know how to prepare fantastic cocktails- alcoholic (alcohol in small proportions is beneficial for our body) and non-alcoholic, smoothies and juices. I eat healthy, recently I started buying organic food which is more nutritious. I don’t have cravings for sweets ( to be honest sometimes I have, we are humans and no one is perfect), I feel full of energy every day, my memory is getting better, I can easy concentrate, I don’t get cold in winter time (I cycle when is even -3 degrees outside) and I could list many other benefits. If you keep healthy lifestyle you have less risk to get any disease or cancer- it spreads through our body by dividing infected cells and it’s quicker if in the body is acidic environment caused by unhealthy food and lifestyle. I don’t have doctor’s title (only master’s degree) and I am not person who knows everything, I am not here to tell you what you have to do, I am here to help you and give you advices- all you need to do is to contact me and trust me. All these things I know because it’s my passion and I read a lot research connected with this topic, and of course I test on myself- don’t worry I am not going to test anything on you. To be honest I am not desperate that much and sometimes I go for unhealthy food just to show my body that nothing is perfect. But the main target is to eat and live healthy lifestyle because body isn’t busy in cleaning waste products or repairing damaged cells. When most of the time body is in homeostasis- stable condition, we are more likely to start developing ourselves and that’s the way I try to go every day. If you would like to be about the same- to LOVE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE let me know, the sooner the better for you. REMEMBER- IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!

Contact me for more information and prices. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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