I would like to tell you about my approach which simplified my life so I am more productive what saves me time, forever!

Let’s start from the beginning. I always had a passion to a healthy and balanced lifestyle (healthy nutrition and being active, especially outdoor).

When I was 16, I started doing the gym, so started also looking at what I eat more carefully.

During my journey I tried many workout approaches and many different supplements – for fat loss, weight gain, muscle growth etc. Some worked, some not. If worked, result was never as they say or advertise.

Is it the genetic, or my metabolism? Maybe something else. I found out it already, read below.

Mainly I was training 3-4 times a week (about 1,5h), trying to eat 5-7 meals, following all the recommendations.

When I was getting older, so busier in life, that started getting more complicated – I was wondering how to find balance between all these long workouts, planning, shopping and preparing all these meals, and washing after it. Occasionally, I thought – “does it have to be that complicated? Is there any way to make it simpler?”

In 2009 I finished my university and got master’s degree in “Tourism and Recreation” specialization.

In 2010 I moved to London and started working as a cocktail bartender in 5* hotels.

As life got busier - foreign country, improving my English (started even college), new job and requirements connected to it, new friends, parties etc. My fitness became less important that time.

It lasted some time till I realized that gained some unnecessary weight and lost my muscles definition.

I decided to get back on track, got gym membership and ordered some supplements.

I started rigorous routine, so get back to my previous shape quite quickly.

But it came to me again! - “does it have to be that complicated? Do I have to become very strict – 5-7 meals, 3-4 workouts, supplements, no parties and evenings out to achieve the body I want?

Is there any way to make it simpler? I am not a bodybuilder, I don’t compete, I just want to be fit, have unstoppable energy, sharp focus and more time to spend with friends and family – just enjoy my life rather than focusing only on exercising and diet regimes which is very time consuming.”

 From that time, I started educating myself about how our body works, started trying new diet approaches and workout routines. I became even more passionate about it, but I wanted to make it simpler as well.

In 2014 I decided to become Personal Trainer. I thought, maybe they will teach me something new on the course which will help me with my journey so I can help people more effectively.

That time I found out about “calorie counting” approach. I thought this is something what will solve my problem (how to have “6 pack abs”) and how to help my clients get better results.

First, I tested on myself. To be honest, “counting calories” approach added more stress and complicated my life even more – putting everything on calculator, weighing food, planning, thinking about it all the time – it seemed to me so unnatural and time consuming. I am not bodybuilder or competitor, I just want to be fit, have more energy, be more productive what helps me in my daily life - not complicates it. There is so much more in life to focus on and enjoy.

What’s more, even eating the right amount of calories (there is some formula to figure it out but I don’t know where they got this numbers), I didn’t feel better, even worse because there were days I was constantly hungry – I am sure you know that feeling when you think about food and are unable to focus at work etc.

I didn’t even introduce that tactic to my clients. We just followed all approaches I tested previously.

Mainly I was focused with my clients on nutrition and exercise.

I'm going to be honest, I failed many times in delivering results for my clients, or I delivered the result but it didn't last long. Does it sound familiar to those who hired PT previously and didn’t get a result?

Why I failed? The main reason is I was only focused on exercise and nutrition - these are very important components of my program right now, but not most important. I realized that without fixing people's habits, mindset and lifestyle it's not possible to deliver long-lasting result. Habits are like a computer program for our brain, unless we reprogram our brain and work on our habits we will always revert to default.

That's why I quit Personal Training. Packed my all stuff, sold some things and moved back home.

I started coaching people about all those principles mentioned above (mindset, habits, lifestyle, nutrition and exercise) and results now are amazing.

What’s more, by fixing my clients mindset, lifestyle and habits weight loss is just a positive side effect.

I invested almost all my money, time and energy into ‘how to do deliver the result in the quickest and most effective way’.

By doing what I do now, I have more time for self-education. I really dived into how our mind and body work what allows me to get maximum effects with minimum effort for myself and my clients. I also realized that more doesn’t mean better – think about 5-7 meals a day, 3-4 long workouts, supplements, consuming more knowledge rather than applying it etc. It adds only more stress to our life, doesn’t it?

Fat metabolism, muscle growth, sharp focus, fulfillment in life, happiness, confidence, sleep and wake up mode, energy and productivity - all is ruled by our hormones and if they are unbalanced bad things happen with how we feel, think and look - diabetes, depression, dementia, cancer – does it sound familiar?

That’s main reason why “calorie counting” and “move more, eat less” approaches don’t work, neither all fad diets and superfoods, if our body is wrecked inside and our hormones are upside down.

First, we need to lower inflammation inside our body. Then we can start intensive exercise.

If we do it the other way round, we create more stress - it’s like pouring gasoline into the fire.

You probably think now, what’s is the approach I mentioned at the beginning which simplified my life.

If we have right and simple strategies in place - eating right food (real whole foods - no shakes or supplements) at the right time, hydration, creating good habits, balancing our lifestyle what helps with balancing our hormones and we get access to our fat stores, so we burn it effortlessly, we eat less naturally and less frequently, we don’t need to exercise that much, we get access to unstoppable energy what stops the cravings for sugary foods, that improves our productivity so we can focus on our business and life, we have more time and energy for our family and friends, we become the best version of ourselves and that makes us super confident and attracts more beautiful things in our life!

That all sounds perfect and is possible, but it will not happen until you are not going to believe in the process.

If you believe that you can make it, you are already half way through. Trust me!

And let’s be honest, you don’t need a trainer, nutritionist, diet and workout plans etc. You need a highly impactful long-term formula to implement a daily routine that works for you effectively and efficiently.

The best part is when you gain that clarity and insight over the first few months or so while enjoying the process.

You achieve the results as a positive side effect on how you live now and understand why what you’re doing works and what to not bother wasting your time no more with.

The most efficient route to this experience is to hire someone who has gone through all this and has a proof doing this (http://bit.ly/HPtestimonials) to help you really understand simply the:

-         WHY

-         HOW TO

-         THE SCIENCE




If you are looking to work on regaining control of your health and shape while melting belly fat, building good habits and implementing them consistently, applying right strategies, balancing and simplifying your busy lifestyle and getting long-lasting results, just contact me!

P.S. No, you don’t have to count calories and weigh your food, you don’t need 3-5 gym workouts, eating tons of supplements, consuming more useless knowledge, avoiding evenings out – unless you are Bodybuilder or Fitness & Figure competitor.