Are You An Insanely Busy ​Businessman Who Is Looking To​​​​​ ​Weaponize Your ​Mind & Body ​To​​​​​ Give You More ​Confidence & 3hrs+ Of Your Time Back Every Day ...

… without spending hours in the gym, counting calories, restricting diets and giving up tasty food?

My ‘High-perforMANce for Entrepreneurs’ 12-week transformation online program is specifically designed for today’s busy and high producing entrepreneur. The program is broken down into simple steps with weekly coaching calls with me personally  to support and guide you through your plan. Everything is customized to your lifestyle, from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you close them at night.

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Improving your Health & Body Shape in today’s ‘information overloaded world is hard.

Improving and maintaining it while managing your successful business is even harder.

Between the long hours in the office, on the plane or on the train on your business trips

...finding the time & energy to eat right and being active consistently feels impossible.

I get it.

It can all be so overwhelming and frustrating for any Entrepreneur or Business Owner caught in this situation…

… not ha​ving the vitality for life after the business day is done

… lacking energy, especially that afternoon energy slump

… relying on ‘quick energy fixes’, relying on caffeine & that crappy sugary convenient food just to get by

… searching for ‘pleasure fixes’ from food when stress hits, killing their all-day long focus and energy

… looking at old photos of themselves and remembering the physique they used to be

… being ashamed of taking shirt off on the beach

… starving themselves to drop a few lbs, then falling all the way back to ‘square one’ after one weekend of ‘cheat meals’

... feeling completely stuck in their bodies and powerless to change it all before they develop any long-term health issues related to their weight and lifestyle

Or the fact they choose bigger suit based on what hides their ‘problem areas’ the best.

What’s more, trying everything out there: diets, the top PT’s in the town, counting calories and weighing food, every juice, shake, fast, and group- and they are so frustrated because it never works.

I have heard that many times before from people I have worked with.


Despite what ‘fitness industry’ says (especially from the people who haven’t been in your ‘skin’ ever).

It’s not as simple as just eating ‘healthier’ and exercising more.

We all know (who have tried in the past) that ‘eat less, move more’ approach doesn’t work long term.

It’s not about counting calories and tracking your food in application either.

Sure, you could get a gym membership but think how much time it takes to get there?

You can even hire personal trainer, go on another diet or start tracking your calories intake.

But you are unable to solve your Health & Body Shape issues unless you get to the root of the problem.

For example: maybe you’re overweight, struggle with your energy & productivity and you want to improve your health - to do that you need to create good habits e.g. being more active, proper sleep, stress management, hydration and eating right foods.

You don’t need me or anyone else to tell you that.

You already know what to do, don’t you?!

The real problem is, why are you not doing it?

What’s stopping you?

Is it time, stress, habits, lack of motivation or something else?

These are the real obstacles stopping you from reaching your Health & Body Shape goals, so these are the areas we need to address first.

Another gym, diet, or PT won’t solve the problem and you’ll just set yourself up to fail again.

Think about this way, the health & fitness industry and gyms worldwide are full of people trying to reach their health goals in every year, especially at the beginning.

The sad reality is over 80% won’t achieve anywhere near the outcome they desire because old beliefs and habits will always kick in unless they are addressed properly.

Habits are like a computer program for your brain, unless you reprogram your brain and work on your habits you will always revert to default.


The truth is,

In my experience...

Busy entrepreneurs & business owners who just want to access unstoppable energy & focus (what saves them time) and get their confidence back so they can wear their favorite suit probably shouldn’t be following the same approach as the single twenty-something who’s trying to lose a quick 9lbs for beach party in Summertime.


Two reasons:

  • A person’s lifestyle dictates their ability to be consistent. Which dictates their ability to get results. Entrepreneurs & Business Owners mostly work 60+ h so they have less free time and energy available.
  • There’s no need. If managed properly, you don’t have to starve yourself and train your body into the ground. In fact, following high-intensity workouts can stress even more your already stressed body what can cause even weight gain.

Many times, it’s not about what works and what doesn’t because it’s all about what fits a person’s lifestyle the best and what doesn’t.

The solution is to make health as one of the priorities in life. Of course, we don't have to be a "health freaks" and give up hobbies, nights out with friends and other things we enjoy.

I'm not telling you to visit the gym 6 times a week, or that you can never eat a donut ever again, or that you are not allowed to drink on New Year's Eve.

You can, of course, if you want to. But you don't have to.

What I'm saying is that health should have an important place in your life.

What do I mean by health?

I don't just mean following a strict diet and exercising a lot with that term. That's a very limited and destructive conception of health nowadays.

In fact, once you assume that health is just about diet and exercise, you're going to fail in your health management.

And that’s a big mistake...

I work with busy Entrepreneurs & Business Owners to help them building a healthy lifestyle while balancing, having some alcohol and meals out.

This is about building strong mindset and changing small habits which make the significant difference in your lifestyle.

Working as a Personal Trainer for years I failed to get lasting results for many of my clients.

I was only focused on exercise and nutrition, these are very important components of my program now but not most important.

Without fixing people's habits, mindset and lifestyle it's not possible to deliver long lasting result.

That’s the main reason why I quit PT, started coaching people about all those principles mentioned above and results now are amazing.

Fixing my clients mindset, lifestyle and habits weight loss is just ‘positive side effect’ – so we get right to the source of what is causing you to look in the mirror with shame and not having energy & vitality.

Often the only thing holding you back is not what workouts you’re doing or what diet you are on.

Actually, it’s your own limiting beliefs that you can actually do this.

If they did it, why not you?

Why I have chosen coaching?

Coaching is a very natural progression for me to grow into.

It allows me to offer a much deeper level of support, get way better results, and because I work on-line, I can help more people worldwide because neither myself or the client is tied to a location or appointments.

Coaching isn't for everyone.

But if you are someone who's tried many times before to lose weight even with a PT and you want to finally gain control of your own Health & Shape...

...without having to rely on a PT, or jumping from diet to diet all your life, then coaching could be for you.

Here’s 3 of the main benefits to being coached.


There’s no faster way to get to where you want to be than to be taken by the hand by someone who’s already walked the path you want to walk.


Coaching offer a much deeper level of support than the surface level stuff of exercise and diet.

It gets to the route of the problem and fixes it once and for all.

Coaching helps you to build new habits and a strong mindset to empower you to take control of your health and fitness rather than relying on someone else.


In an age of information, you don’t need a coach to give you more information.

You can learn about any topic you want.

If it was that easy everyone would go on google and there wouldn’t be obesity problem.

Coaching is all about taking action and how to implement it consistently.

You already know what to do, you need to create good habits e.g. being more active, proper sleep, stress management, hydration and eating right foods, don’t you?

Now let’s implement it and create healthy habits with strong mindset to overcome roadblocks!

I suppose you have tried many options out there: Keto, intermittent fasting, juice detox, and every weight loss pill under the sun, and still can't seem to shift that stubborn belly fat.

Possibly you've even had a Personal Trainer.

And I'm sure all of these things actually worked for a while...

... but the likely hood is now you've stopped, you're back to starting point.

Sounds familiar?

Frustrating, isn't it?

Let’s look at it like this...

You're a successful Entrepreneur or Business Owner.

Did you get there by following a get rich quick scheme for 9 weeks or 3 months and then succeeded?

Or did you get there by consistently showing up every day and still do...

...putting in the work until your work became part of who you are?

It's the same process with your Health & Body Shape goals. You have to step up and be the man you want to be. Not looking for some quick fix diet or weight loss plan.

You need to adopt the mindset and habits that will make this part of you so that it becomes a sustainable way of life. Like you do with your business!

If you want to look like Jason Statham in a suit. You have to become Jason Statham in your own unique way.

...and most importantly you need to find something you enjoy.

No one enjoys something that restricts them or feels like a chore.

That’s why most fail.

And here's the thing. Getting in shape is way easier than building a business. You've already done the hard work.

Making fitness a way of life is much easier than you think, and doesn't mean spending hours in the gym, and eating plain food like chicken and broccoli every 3 hours.

Let’s look also at it from another perspective.

Being overweight is costing entrepreneurs and companies billions every year.

More and more companies are realizing this and investing in coaching for their staff and providing them with facilities, so that they can improve their health, and get a return on investment from increased output that brings.

And it's not just about reducing the amount of sick days as you're probably thinking.


That means more energy and better decision making.

More work done in less time equates to more time, more money, or both.

Both of which are highly valuable.

But there's something else, health and fitness provides...


Especially if you're an Entrepreneur or Business Owner, where you're a leader to others.

I realize that you could even charge for your product or service from 10K to even 100K.

For that kind of money, you want to be damn sure you're delivering certainty to anyone who invests in you and not having to worry about your trousers splitting or your belly hanging out.

I've known some entrepreneurs who are great at what they do, but lack confidence in their own skin has a huge negative impact on their business.

And if you're charging 10K for a product or service...

...that becomes a very expensive problem.

Let’s say you're turning down 2 opportunities a month...

That’s a 20K a month problem...

That becomes a 240K per year problem.

Perhaps you're not playing at that level.

Maybe you're just a small business owner.

But here's the thing...

...people are all the same...


If you're lacking in certainty, it comes across to your prospects and customers...

...even if you sell over the phone.

People don't have to see you in person to detect that...

It’s comes across in your tone of voice.

I help the busiest of entrepreneurs and leaders drop 12-22lbs in 12 weeks, so that they can perform at their best, with confidence and certainty, and ultimately make more money.

Yes, people buy certainty.

And if the man you are, is not congruent to the man you present to the world...

...there becomes lack of certainty, a breakdown in trust, and a totally different conversation that is subconsciously communicated between you and your prospects.

Neither of you will even realize this...

... and it can be as little as a half percent lack in certainty, that is enough to stop your prospects investing in you.

Of course, staying overweight will cost you a lot more than money...

You’ll get a much bigger return on investment by sorting yourself out with improved health, confidence, energy, and more time on this planet.

Time is more valuable and precious than any amount of money.

Money replenishes but you can never get back time.

Here's another thing...

There's a way more negative side effects of staying stuck where you are, than you could ever have by working on yourself...

...both mentally and physically.

And it’s costing you much more than it ever will to solve the problem.

We all have a brain and the same 24 hours in the day.

Often, it’s about just making a few small changes and making the most of your time rather than taking up more time.

Becoming physically and mentally fit helps you get more done in less time.

So, you have more productivity and success in your business...

... less stress and uncertainty...

and actually, create more time to spend with your kids an doing the things you love, as opposed to taking away from these areas of your life.

Why do some people seem to have it all?

The body, The business...

Work less, earn more...

...a loving family the get to spend lots of time with?

It all starts from within.

By being 'selfish' (if you want to call it that way) and working on yourself!

No one is going to invest in us, to a level we're worth until we invest in ourselves.

Trust me, I lied and BS myself for many years trying to avoid investing money in myself to grow fast.

Telling myself I can do it cheaper and all by myself.

Everyone, who has ever achieved anything big, bold and great has done it all only by investing in getting a ton of support.

I do not know personally even 1 person whoever got great results, without massive support.

So, now we have the truth as to what it takes to get results and not just OK results.

Yes, we can learn to play the guitar from YouTube.

Imagine, what immersing ourselves for years with Metallica or Led Zeppelin would do for our guitar skills?

Different level, they play at a higher level.

They invested already in their success a long time ago.

Are you ready to step up and stop doing the same stuff that you know doesn't work?


  • Weekly private coaching calls (20-40 min)
  • ​Facebook or Linked In group – 121 (it means in this group is only me and YOU, no one else)
  • ​Weekly content with simple and basic knowledge – you don’t need a coach to give you more information, it is all about taking action and how to implement it consistently
  • ​Weekly checklist for building good habits, maintaining consistency and keeping you accountable
  • ​You don’t count calories and weigh food. You eat tasty, satiating meals (2-3 a day) and we make sure you are not feeling hungry. If you cook at home I teach you how to combine foods, if you eat on the go or outsource your food prep I teach you what to choose the best
  • ​Nothing drastic, no juicing, pills or starvation diets
  • ​Lifestyle Analysis Diary to fill in at least once

My approach is based on analyzing your lifestyle and to help you balance it by creating good habits.

This helps me to find your habits and behaviors which keep you stack where you are right now and cause problems in your daily life - stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, low energy levels, weight gain etc. (it's all caused by imbalanced hormones in our body). So, I get to the root of the problem instead of 'fixing the top layers' only. Then we work together to fix it gradually. I put a lot of emphasis on how you start your day as this sets you up perfectly for the whole day.

I help you with creating a morning routine where you do some quick activity (this is not high-intensity 1h workout which could stress your body even more, just anything what brings your heart pumping a bit faster and activates your whole body – even 5min is enough), work on your mindset (emotions are the food for our mind) and eat proper breakfast to make sure your body gets all important nutrients so you don't think about food, don't rely on quick, sugary energy fixes and caffeine just to make through what kills your all-day focus and energy - that all allow you to focus on your business (in the long term it saves you time as you become more focused so job gets done quicker).

My whole approach is about creating good habits and balancing your lifestyle so you become a high-performing producer in every area of your life. When you have all the right strategies in place weight loss and improved energy levels is just a positive side effect of how you live now. You get understanding why what you are doing is working so you don't need to waste your time on pointless distractions. One of the most important parts is to help you to take action rather than consuming more knowledge and make you overwhelmed.

Let’s be honest, you don’t need another workout or nutrition plan from me. If you do, there are plenty I'll give you for free, or point you towards Youtube.

No one needs a trainer or nutritionist either. You need a highly impactful long-term solution to implement a daily routine that works for you effectively so you can stick to it.

I guess the best way to sum up my programs would be...

Taking you by the hand through a journey of 17 years of knowledge, experience, and a roadmap of my personal transformation and growth condensed into 12 weeks.

But before you apply... stuff is not cheap.

That's because I'm bringing certainty to the table in the outcomes I deliver and the rewards you will reap for many years to come.

If we are to work well together...

...You'll need to bring your own certainty.

You must be willing to put your money where your mouth is and back yourself...

...and this will be an investment, rather than a cost.

But, my question to you is...

how much is it costing you not to do this?


You don’t have to send me any money now.

In fact,

You won’t see a button to buy anything on this page.

There are two reasons for that.

1- I’m sure you have a few questions you want answered before you enroll. Which I completely understand and will gladly answer

2- I also have some questions for you too… remember,

I only work with busy Entrepreneurs & Business Owners who I know for certain I can help get results.

So, call it “selfish” if you want (and maybe it is :)) but I need to make sure you and I will work well together...

...and that you’re the type of person who can and will follow through on the strategies and resources I share with you.

In other words - I need to know with certainty that I can get you the results I’m promising.

Fair enough?

So, here’s all you have to do now.

Click the button below and fill out the short application.

From there, we’ll chat…

... i’ll ask you a few questions to figure out whether or not I can actually get you the results you want - i’ll answer your questions - fill you in a few more key details (yes, like the price)

...and as long as we both agree that we’re a good match - I’ll get you enrolled.

I look forward to our chat,

On your side.

- Krystof

​IF YOU ARE READY To​​​​​ Feel Confident With Your Health & Body Shape​ To​​​​​ Give You More Energy & 3hrs+ Of Your Time Back Every Day... ​