"I need to sacrifice my health now to make more money. Once I make enough money, I have the time to take care of my health"

One of the biggest mistakes people make towards their health is assuming they have to choose between health & happiness.

Without health, we have much lower brain signaling substances, e.g. dopamine and serotonin.

We need those substances (neurotransmitters) to feel good, be confident and to take action in life.

How can we live a good life if we're not feeling well most of the time, if we're not confident and if we cannot take action assertively?


The solution is to make health as one of the priorities in life. Of course, we don't have to be a "health freaks" and give up hobbies, nights out with friends and other things we enjoy.

I'm not telling you to visit the gym 6 times a week, or that you can never eat a donut ever again, or that you are not allowed to drink on New Year's Eve.

You can, of course, if you want to.

But you don't have to.

What I'm saying is that health should have an important place in your life.

What do I mean by health?

I don't just mean following a strict diet and exercising a lot with that term. That's a very limited and destructive conception of health nowadays.

In fact, once you assume that health is just about diet and exercise, you're going to fail in your health management.

And that’s a big mistake...

There are many other areas of your life that you need to include in your health management, such as:

  • enough regenerative sleep,
  • hydration,
  • stress management,
  • an ability to get some natural light every day,
  • strong mindset,
  • a great social life etc.

By having the right strategies, we can have both health & happiness.

And, it's never wise to sacrifice our health to make more money.

Poor health costs us much more in the long-run compared to a short-term gain in income.

In fact, we can have it all: health, happiness & success. But health is the main key to achieve it all.

Take care of your health first and everything else will fall into place.

You'll have double the energy during the day, less stress, feel and look great.