The human body is designed to do amazing feats of physical and mental performance, but only if you operate it with the proper “user’s manual”. My Online Personal Coaching is your user manual and getting in touch with me, I share with you my best knowledge on training, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle change to ensure you get the most out of your human machine.

What’s included in my Premium 12 Week Mind and Body Transformation Programme:

  • fully tailored exercise / training program with videos how to do it properly, how to fit in all program into your busy daily routine,
  • personalized nutrition plan guidelines, including food list to ensure your body transformation,
  • e-mail support,
  • weekly coaching call,
  • access to special Facebook group,
  • help with buying equipment to exercise at home, outdoor or in the office,
  • supplement protocols.

Contact me for more information and prices. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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