Let’s say you want to transform your body and feel great and look fantastic in your skin again as you were at your 20’s, you get membership in one of your local gym in your area, wherever you work or live. Because you are new you want to go for personal training straight away. You sign up with one of the personal trainer and you buy package or set of sessions. You start sessions and everything is going well until you have to stay few times longer at your work and you are not able to see your trainer, even you are not able to reschedule the session because trainer does not have available slots when you are available. After all your sessions are becoming irregular and you are losing your motivation. That’s when Online Body Transformation Coach (Online Personal Trainer) comes to help you out. I understand you are busy at work and you have some deadlines. I understand you are not able to do 4-5 sessions (1h) a week. To be honest I do not even train that many times a week even if I have time and chance to do it, because I discovered scientific approach where more does not mean better. Sometimes less is more and less does not mean laziness. When it comes to exercise, intensity plays the biggest role together with proper approach and it does not have to last 1h as session with personal trainer at the gym. Another big thing is how you eat, sleep, rest and even how you think on daily basis. I share with you my best knowledge on training, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle change to ensure you get the most out of your human machine. I ensure how to fit it all to your busy schedule as well.

Contact me for more information and prices. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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